Coupon Policy

Houchens Food Group Coupon Acceptance Policy

Our policy applies to all Houchens Food Group owned brands, unless otherwise stated,
including but not limited to Price Less Foods, Price Less IGA, Houchens Markets, Houchens
IGA, IGA, Hometown IGA, Crossroads IGA, Buehler’s Buy Low, Buehler’s IGA, Howard’s
IGA, Hank’s Market, Jr. Food Stores, and IGA Express.

• We accept coupons on or before their expiration date.
• Only coupons with legible UPC numbers will be accepted.
• We will not accept coupons on items not purchased.
• All valid coupons must be presented at time of purchase.
• We accept coupons only for items available for purchase in store unless otherwise stated.
• We allow a maximum of 5 manufacturer coupons and 1 store coupon per item, per visit.
• We will not give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the
purchase value of the item.
• Redeemed coupons must reflect item size, description, and variety.
• Any stipulations listed on a coupon by the manufacturer will be upheld.
• Coupons will not be applied toward sales tax.
• Photocopied coupons are not accepted. Coupons that do not appear authentic will
not be accepted.
• We will not price match competitor coupons or promotions.
• We will accept coupons with competitor store brands listed on the pieces only if the
bar code scans properly for our registers.
• Some items may not be available at all stores.
• We regularly monitor the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) website for
counterfeit coupons. No counterfeit coupons will be accepted.
• All General guidelines apply to any type of coupon.

• We do not double or triple coupons. *

Digital Coupons
Where available, digital coupons can be downloaded through select Houchens retailer
websites. Registered users can “clip” coupons to their digital coupon account for
redemption at checkout.
• Digital and printed coupons may not be combined for the same item in the same
• In the event a digital coupon and a printed coupon are presented for use on the
same item in a single transaction, the digital coupon will be honored and the
printed coupon will be returned to the customer.
• Digital coupons are not subject to doubling.

Printed Internet Coupons
• We accept Internet/home-printed manufacturer coupons that contain clear and
scannable bar codes.
• We do not accept Internet/home-printed coupons for free products.
• We will not accept Internet/home-printed coupons worth more than 75% of a
product’s value.

Rain Checks
• We will not issue rain checks on items for coupon redemption.
• Only advertised specials may be subject to rain check issuance, with the exception of
items sold under the Price Less brand, which are available only while supplies last.
Houchens Industries and its retail store managers reserve the right to limit quantities of
redeemed coupons per customer or refuse or limit the redemption of any coupon they interpret
as nonconforming to our Coupon Acceptance Policy. Houchens Industries reserves the right to
revise its company Coupon Acceptance Policy at any time and without public notice.

*This item may not apply to some Houchens North Foods Division locations. Please refer to your store manager for questions.